Industry Solutions

Integrated Technology Solutions

Our services are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes and with all types of technology needs. At Adept Technology Consulting, we integrate our services so you only need one IT vendor instead of five.

Trust us to provide timely, professional, and quality service from implementation through post-installation support.

Health Care Industry

Health care organizations should devote their time to patient care, not technology solutions. At Adept Technology we are well-versed in the common computer programs used within healthcare and provide expert service to clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, and more.

Fire Services

We know that your business is about saving lives, not dealing with computer hassles. Our job is to make sure you are up and running 24/7, because you never know when your help will be needed. Our emergency services package makes sure you have information during an emergency and keeps your records secure after.

Emergency Services

For an emergency services organization, there is no room for error. We offer 24-hour technology support to keep you running uninterrupted. Additionally, our networking service ensures your records are safe and your system reliable.


A construction company requires unique software solutions to aid in everything from project management to CAD to cost analysis. We provide solutions - including packaged software and custom software - catered specifically to construction company operations.

Nonprofit Organizations

We understand that nonprofit organizations have special computer and software requirements not common to other businesses. We also understand that your budget determines which technology service you outsource. Adept Technology works with organizations of all budgets to create an all-encompassing technology solution.

Private Businesses

Whether you have a staff of two or 200, Adept Technology is equipped to provide you integrated technology services. Count on us for all of your outsourced IT needs.

Learn how Adept Technology can work with you and your business by reading more about our services or by calling 1 (800) 506-9981.